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The need of the hour to tackle health problems is alternative medicines since the man is born on earth to service and keep good health. man has learnt many things from nature. Even today animals follow and depend on nature to keep good health. As population is increasing, industrialization became essential. To meet the demands of food use of artificial manures and pesticides became compulsory, slowly we are surrounded by chemical world (air, water, food, lack of excises ovens use of Teflon’s vessels, plastics, paints, colors, preservatives perfumes, detergents etc). Similarly we are tuned to instant and quick results in everything, so health services are also polluted. For every problem we use chemical tablets or unknown plant products with heavy metals. Surgeries no doubt they give relief instantly, but they also cause side effects for emergency treatments, some surgical procedures are unavoidable essential in particular conditions but no particular medicines gives answer for all health problems, so we have to make use of judiciously, to only problems for which they give good response. Need to accept good in all systems to give holistic treatment to the patient All of us know allopathy gives good results for certain problems, similarly ayurvedic and homeopathy , and other alternative medicines for some problems.


Now after seeing personally good results of alternative and traditional medicine Dr.Rama Devi Papolu founder and Managing Director Dr Rama’s Institute for Fertility has decided to incorporate the advantages of alternative medicine for certain conditions where there is no response in allopathy,(or ) to use as complimentary and supportive therapies in addition to modern medicine. joining modern medicine with proven practices from other healing traditions is called integrative medicine(fusion medicine) . Almost all developed countries are trying alternative medicines. Integrative medicine is very popular in all developed countries like USA, UK, Europe , China etc. Doctors, who practices integrative medicine(having knowledge of both Allopathy and alternative medicine) are better able to relieve suffering, reduce stress, and maintain the well-being of their patients.

Atlast Dr.Rama Devi Papolu, has come out to a quick answer for any type of pain, " SUN TOTAL BODY DETOXIFICATION CENTRE ". A unique clinic located in Ameerpet adjacent to Dr. Rama's Institute, inside the clinic the atmosphere is serene, calm, and peaceful,with Professional team of Doctors.

How is your detox program different from others?

The road to natural health begins with cleansing and detoxification -- no matter what the disease or problem. As the old age belief says that “Prevention is always better than cure “. Since we cannot escape from the pollution chain we are exposed to day in and out. So detoxification of our body is important to have good health. There are ways and means to maintain good health. By simple, safe, economical therapies to detox our body. These treatment modalities are useful as treatment of diseases, prevention and anti aging .

In our Center, we use a broad range of techniques to understand the patient's distress and to help the body strengthen itself to cope successfully with the environment and disease. We don’t apply any painful procedures, or the patient need not change their regular diet menu except for minor changes. The treatments are very safe and you can resume your routine work immediately after the treatment.most importantly you need not run from one clinic to another in search of different alternatives for your health problems. You can avail almost all alternative treatments under one roof ie.. SUN TOTAL BODY DETOXIFICATION CENTRE.

“We offer the patient complete evaluation, detoxification, desensitization, nutritional and diet counseling, and appropriate treatment which may include either single or combination of chelation, ozone therapy, acupuncture, and Far infrared therapy all based on the patient’s unique needs.”