Ozone in Dental medicine

Ozone therapy has been proven to be extremely beneficial in dental medicine. Most common way of applying ozone therapy in dentistry is the use of ozonized water and the ozonized oil.

Mechanism of action of ozone in Dental medicine:

The basic function of ozone is the same universally, that is to act as killer of germs. Various ways of action of ozone in the oral cavity can be mentioned in short as:

  • Ozone acts as a powerful disinfectant.
  • It helps to control bleeding from the gums
  • To clean the open wounds in the soft tissue or bone of the buccal cavity.
  • Ozone speeds up the healing process of the wounds by improving blood supply and increasing oxygen concentration around the affected area.
  • Ozone acts as a mild painkiller.


Applications of ozone therapy in dental medicine:

  • Disinfection of cavities
  • Disinfection of root pulp and root canals
  • Disinfection of stumps
  • Treatment of gum infections
  • Ozone can also be used as a good sterilizer for the buccal cavity prior to surgery.