OZONE THERAPY IN ELDERLY( ozone as antiaging therapy)

Causes of biological AGING

  • Chronic Oxidative Stress
  • Chronic Exposure to Pollutant
  • Decline of Circulating Hormones and Immunological Defenses
  • Formation of advanced glycosylation end substances
  • Stressful lifestyle
  • Decrease of Antioxidant levels


Biomarkers of Aging

  • Cardiovascular: heart weakens, atherosclerosis with reduced blood flow.
  • Glucose regulation : Some people develop diabetes
  • Brain function: Neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
  • Skeletal Muscles : Muscles atrophy and bones weakness
  • Endocrine Function: less efficient
  • The Immune System: Inhibited
  • Oxidative Stress: Free radicals increase.


Anti-Aging Attempt by Medication?!

  • It was thought that lack of hormones is responsible for aging and hormone replacement were given as anti-aging e.g. estrogen (post menopausal) (Grady et al 1992, Peterson 1998), growth hormone (Rudman et al. 1990), dihydroepiandesterone (Bilger, 1995; Baulieu and Robel, 1998), melatonin (Reiter, 1991), testosterone for androgenic deficiency in men (Morley and Perry, 2000).
  • Experiments by giving hormones to humans were beneficial in prevention of osteoporosis, improvement of memory, increasing energy and sex drive (testosterone) and better mental activities (DHEA) (Dihydroepiandrosterone) (Bocci, 2005)
  • However there is high risk:
  • Serious side effects
  • Cannot be used for long time
  • Giving one hormone in high dose disturb the balance (each individual has got its own balance)
  • The solution is not simply by giving the factors that are missing e.g. hormones as a replacement, as the problem is multifactorial and the preparation made in vitro or extracted from animals will never match that produced by the living body and may be also other unknown ingredients linked to these hormones.

Ozone as Anti-Aging Therapy

  • After 15-20 sessions of ozone ( in 60-75 years old) , improvement of sexual desire and performance has been noted. Explanation may be due to better oxygenation and/or enhanced DHEA (Dihydroepiandrosterone) secretion which is superior to drug therapy
  • Low dose of ozone stimulate antioxidant defenses against oxidative stress
  • Ozone simultaneously reactivate several functions, network of enzyme repair, a sustained and balanced hormonal and neuro-transmitter release, more energy, improved mood and memory, prevention of cancer and atherosclerosis and retention of sexual activity .