Historical aspects of ozone therapy

  • •  Ozone therapy is more than 100years old.
  • •  In 1839, Christian Friedrich Schonbein, first noticed the emergence of a pungent gas with an electric smell, called it ozone.
  • •  As early as the First World War, ozone's bactericidal properties were used to treat infected wounds, mustard gas burns and fistulas.
  • •  With its high oxidative potential ozone is used in textile and cellulose industry as a bleaching means.
  • •  Ozone bactericidal properties are successfully used in breeding oysters and mollusks as well as in mineral water industry.

•  Extensive and systemic research in the field of ozone therapy primarily in Germany, The first medical application was in 1870 when Dr. C. Lender purified blood in test tubes, when ozone-resistant polymer materials and convenient ozone generating equipment came into every day clinical practice
• Medical ozone generators have since been developed and refined. They differ from industrial generators in their capacity to deliver the purest ozone-oxygen mixtures in precise dosages.
• The interest to ozone therapy was growing with the growing number of reports coming from different clinics the world over on biological ozone effect and its successful use in the treatment of various diseases. . Medical applications became widespread throughout Europe and America. As of 1929, more than 114 diseases were listed for treatment with oxygen/ozone therapy
• At present time the International Ozone Association(I.O.A.), incorporated in the United States of America, holds its World Congresses every second year in various parts of the world. Within the (I.O.A.) framework physicians from different countries and of different specialities share their results and achievements through conferences, workshops, symposia proceedings and other public information media.
• Profound research work is carried on in Russia under supervision of two main schools of ozone therapy with their Research Centers and Clinics in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.
• Years later, doctors in New York and several other states now quietly practice some forms of ozone therapy under new health freedom laws. As of 1998, the following states have such protection: Alaska, Colorado, Georgia,Nevada, New Mexico, NewYork, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington and Minnesota. Naturopaths in Canada and America have always used ozone
• In the last few years ozone treatment has seen growing interest from diverse medical disciplines, and research is in progress to delineate its effects on biological systems and to define its clinical applications. It is now becoming more popular in various parts of the world including India.

Ozone production

  • •  Temperature and humidity plays large role in how much ozone is produced.
  • •  Any ozone generator will produce less than 50% of its capacity if operated with humid ambient air than when it is operated in very dry air.
  • •  Corona discharge method  is popular ozone generator for industrial and personal uses.
  • •  UV-ozone generators do not produce harmful byproducts,and can work in humid air environment.
  • •  Ozone cannot be stored or transported like other gases. Must therefore be prepared on the spot(quickly decays to o2)
  • •  The cooler the water, better the ozone synthesis. The lower the gas velocity, the higher the concentration.
  • •  Ozone is also produced incidentally  with devices using high voltages------ Ionic air purifiers, Laser printers,Photocopies, Arc welders etc..They generate ozone from repeated sparkles inside.